A classic onsen episode. After the Sky-Girls rescue the victims of a mudlside during their public debut, they are invited back to the Hotsring. Surprisingly, they are allowed to go, along with most of their ground crew and the newly promoted Colonel. However, though the hotspring itself is undamaged,, the town is stilll in a state of heavy damage after the mudslide, so the Sky-Girls and their crew spend much of their stay helping to repair the town, and rebuild their own accomodations. The reason that they were able to get permission to go on leave so easily soon emerges. the WORMs have returned, and destroyed the Euorpean base. The Sky Girls are going to leave Obama. Instead of being on dry land, they will patrol th seas aboard a destroyer. This revelation is somewhat traumatic, but it does not distract from the more pressing matters at hand, such as enjoying the hotspring.

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