Lieutenant Eika Ichijo (一条 瑛花 Eika Ichijō) is quick at making decisions, has fast reflexes, and high stamina. She has a good leadership and more mature than the other two pilots. She excels in overall ability, much more than the other two pilots. This makes her the perfect choice for leading the Sonic Diver Unit. She was skeptic of her teammates, but later she trust them and created a strong friendship between the Sky Girls. The other Sky Girls look up to her and follow her good examples. Overall, she has a serious personality and is a tsundere character.

Her father is a high ranking naval commander. There seems to be consternation between the two, though.

Eika Ichijo was already an accomplished fighter pilot that volunteered to fly the Sonic Divers after being soundly defeated by one during a mock battle.

Eika exercises her pectoralis major using a pec deck with elbow pads for very high repetitions. She does at least 20 repetitions when she is being spied upon, and after they leave, she has a flashback in the midst of doing at least another (or perhaps the same) 15 repetitions. It is unknown if that is a 2nd set or one long continuous one.

She is voiced by Shizuka Itō.

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