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These are the Special Episodes in the DVD Bundle


The DVD Specials start with the prominent characters from the series saying in Japanese "Fishing Maniac Eika!" immediately followed by Souya Togo saying "Dynamite Fishing".

The Specials End with a shortened version of the the song "True Blue"(sung by Saori Gotō") in Specials 1-5, and with a shortened version of "Diamond Sparkle(sung by Asuza Kataoka) in Specials 6-9.

Special Episode ListingEdit

Here is a list of the DVD Specials:

  1. Fierce Battle! Trout Fishing Contest.
  2. Big Catch! Mudskipper Fishing!
  3. Seashore Battle! Blackfish Fishing!
  4. Astonishing! Piranha Fishing!
  5. Protect the indigenous species! Bass Fishing Contest! Please finish eating the fish that you've caught!
  6. Fish the porgy with prawns, Black Porgy Fishing!
  7. The porgy's really tough! Getting poorer by the day! Red tai fishing!
  8. Tempura, deep-fried food, and sometimes, skates! Pond smelt fishing on top of ice!
  9. There's no part that should be thrown away! Great battle with the whale of the great deep!

Some of this information came from Wikipedia, other from Anime News Network, and the rest from the author of this article checking the specials personally.

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