Aisha is the fifth and final member of the original Sky Girls though she only flew with the group once and was rendered unconsisous for a year after doing so.

When she first arrived on the ship, because of a misunderstanding, the entire crew believed that she was a WORM or in league with them. In actuality her father's invention, nanobots that can cure any disease, evolved into the WORMS via the internet. Since she was born with an incurable disease her father tested his new technology on his daughter in the hopes of saving her life. He came under scruteny for his experiments and dissapeared with his daughter.

Her father predicted the evolution of his nanobots with the creation of WORMs though nobody believed him. Since Aisha was so closely linked to the WORMs (due to his efforts to save her life) he froze her in a cryogenic state before passing away. His last words were "I leave the fate of the world in the hands of my daughter" and her entire purpose in life is to destroy the WORMs, because it was her father's wish.

Her entire waking life Aisha has been the subject of experiments. It was by studying her that they developped the Sonic Divers. Though she is skilled at flying the machine she can recal nothing of her time flying.

Aisha has some psychic powers though only related to WORMs and Sonic Divers. Though it is difficult she can remotely control WORMs with her mind and even took over Reijin when Otoha was unable to operate the machine herself. She also turned Otoha's brother back into a human years after his abduction though he passed away moments after.

She has had little socialisation and as such the others consider her 'creepy' and 'unfriendly' though their opinions change after Aisha stops a WORM from attacking the Sky Girls, saving the lives of everybody aboard the ship.

She rarely flies Sonic Divers as she has little stamina for it and she can not remember her time in them. She defeated Eika in a mock battle which caused the latter to apply for the position of test pilot for the new craft. The only other confirmed time is the final battle with the worms.

Her Sonic Diver is the prototype Sunya.

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